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What We Do


Come join us in Westhampton Center Living Room for our weekly meetings. We always welcome perspectives, opinions, and ideas from the community. We begin at 5:30 PM and end at 7:00 pm each week on Wednesday. Every meeting we have is open to the University of Richmond community. If you are interested in presenting to WCGA, please contact our Chair of Senate below.

Please come join us!

Amal Ali

Chair of Senate


AEC_0006 2_JPG.webp

Click here to access an archive of our weekly meeting minutes, past and present. Compiled since 2017, minutes include the current 2023-2024 school year.




The Student Organization Budget and Appropriations Committee (SOBAC) is a joint initiative and responsibility between the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA) and the Westhampton College Government Association (WCGA) that annually allocates funds to SOBAC approved organizations of the University in order to maximize the quality of student life.


The contingency process is a process independently run by RCSGA and WCGA and is designed to support newly recognized groups as well as current organizations facing unanticipated expenses.

For a comprehensive guide to SOBAC and Contingency Funding, click here.

Michelle Darfour

Financial Affairs



Resolutions may operate as an official statement of intent or a position that WCGA wants to officially establish, representative of the will of the entire body. WCGA adopted the practice as a way to document our efforts and hold each body accountable to their purpose and course of action as the body changes from year to year. Joint resolutions are sponsored by both government bodies.

You can find an archive of past resolutions here.


This is a calendar of all upcoming student government events. Note that our weekly meetings and joint meetings are also posted on the calendar, and we encourage members of the UR community to come and join us at those meetings. All details for a particular event are included and other campus events may be included as well.


Each semester, WCGA and RCSGA publish a newsletter highlighting some of our most important endeavors as a student government. Check out our most recent newsletters below.

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