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About WCGA

The Westhampton College Government Association was established in 1914 by students of Westhampton College. WCGA seeks to help students confidently pursue their passions and does this by representing student opinions, developing university-wide programming, maintaining traditions, and providing students with an opportunity to be leaders.


WCGA members value leadership, integrity, and tradition as a way to make an impact throughout the campus community through their participation on the Executive Board, Senate, or Class Cabinets. By upholding the WCGA constitution, students strive to make the College a safer, healthier, and happier place for all.


Students who identify with Westhampton are eligible to run for all roles on WCGA and together they make up our body. WCGA works closely with the administration and the students, acting as a bridge. Every single day we lead by example, listen to our peers, and strive to make the University of Richmond better.



Executive Council

The WCGA Executive Council shall be led by the WCGA President and be comprised of the Chair of the Senate, the Senate committee chairs, and the Secretary who will all serve as voting members of the Executive Council.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch shall be called the Senate. The Senate shall consist of six elected members from each class, and one appointed member from each class. The Chair of the Senate shall preside over the Senate.

Class Governing

The class governing branch includes the class chairs of the first year, sophomore, junior and senior classes and their respective Class Cabinets.


A Westhampton College Dean shall serve as an advisor to and as a non-voting member of the Senate.


Members of the Association can sponsor a Caucus, consisting of WC students. Duties are to serve, advocate, and advise the body on a specific issue, limited only by relevance to the agenda of the Association, acting as non-voting affiliates, in the interest of the student body pertaining to their stated issue.

The Constitution

Originally created in 1914, the Westhampton College Government Association Constitution details our bylaws, guidelines, and regulations, along with our responsibilities. It has been updated from year to year with modifications instituted at the discretion of the President, Chair of Senate, and Senate.

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