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This page is a collection of all of the available resources and ways for students to connect with the administrations.

Please refer to the Contact by Topics and Forms sections for specific connections and resources.

If you have any student concerns, please let us know through this Student Government Association Student Concern Form, which is regularly checked by our Westhampton College Student Government Student Affairs Committee.


Contact by Topic


Contact Dean Mia Reinoso Genoni who serves as the Chief Academic Officer of the College, handling routine and exceptional academic requests, petitions, and other matters.

International Students

Contact Office of International Education for Visa related questions; contact the Westhampton College Dean’s Office for personal and/or academic questions and concerns.

Residential Life & Housing

Contact Residence Life for general housing questions. For more specific housing questions, check the link below.

Student Organizations

Contact CSI for any general questions you have about student organizations, or contact specific organizations through Presence.

Support for Students

Visit student support page for more information about supports or Contact the Westhampton College Dean’s Office for questions or concerns related to support, mentorship, advising and care of students.

Well Being

Information about CAPS, Student Health Center, University Recreation, and Health Promotion is available at the link below.  Students can also contact the Westhampton College Dean’s Office with concerns and questions related to well-being.


Bias Reporting

If you are experiencing or if you witnessed any bias activities including bias/hate crimes, discriminations and bias incidents, please fill out this form.

Student Support

If you encounter a life-changing moment but don't have the resources to meet these unexpected needs, like a family emergency, an unforeseen expense or a career opportunity, please fill out this form.

Student Complaints

If you have some feedback and concerns that you would like to share with the university and you have already tried to communicate the concerns informally, please fill out this form to file a formal complaint.


LGBTQ+ Resources

For years, WCGA has strived to make the Community of Richmond inclusive and make resources on our campus accessible for all communities. 

We hope to continue this vision by creating opportunities for everyone on campus to have easy access to resources needed to foster academic and personal development and support.

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