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Standing in Solidarity

Dear Students,

Today, WCGA and RCSGA see a need to reaffirm the Transgender-Inclusion commitment that our bodies, along with many other student organizations and individuals, signed last year.

We recognize that Ryan T. Anderson’s presence on campus has the potential to divide us and disrupt our community. Our response is simple: as student representatives, our priority will always be the well-being of each Richmond Spider, especially those who are members of historically under-represented and under-recognized communities.

As Deans Genoni and Boehman have said in emails to incoming and all students: “there is no room on this campus for hate, intolerance, or violence of any kind. This is a campus of compassion, care, and love.”

Representatives from our governments were wearing white today to show solidarity with and support for the LGBTQIA+ community and we attended the "Celebration of the Trans Identity" event hosted and supported by law students, SCOPE and Common Ground.


Monica and Tyler

WCGA & RCSGA Presidents


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