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Transgender-Inclusion Commitment

Dear Students,

Today, WCGA and RCSGA wish to reaffirm the Transgender-Inclusion commitment that our bodies, along with many other student organizations and individuals, signed two years ago.

Every Spider is a valued member of this community. We are a community of individuals with a wide range of identities, experiences, and backgrounds, and it is important that we celebrate one another and come together to support under-represented and under-recognized groups on this campus. As Deans Boehman and Genoni said at the beginning of the year in their Fall Welcome Letter, “This is a campus of compassion, care, and love.”

It takes all of us to realize that vision for the University of Richmond. To that end, we hope that you will join your student governments in wearing white, pink, and/or blue in solidarity with Trans students, faculty, and staff, and all members of our LGBTQ+ community on Wednesday, October 30th. Additionally, if you are interested in assisting our efforts to foster an inclusive community, please reach out to us at either or We are always here to support and represent our Spider community, and hope that, through our collective efforts, we can create an inclusive future.


Lindsey and Mike

WCGA and RCSGA Presidents


If you are in need of support, the Chaplaincy and Common Ground are both great resources, as are CAPS and the online wellness resources. Please remember you can reach out to the Westhampton and Richmond Deans and area coordinators, and the WC Deanery and Whitehurst are welcoming places to decompress and relax for all students. Additionally, we realize that intolerance can take many forms. You can submit incidents of bias through Common Ground’s bias incident reporting form. You can also always submit a student concern to us, as we are here to support you as your student representatives.


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