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In My Mind: A Mental Health Open Mic

Welcome back Spiders!

It's time to get pumped for Mental Health Week and In My Mind. You can access that Facebook event here.

After its successful kickoff last year, the CAPS interns along with many other student organizations like WCGA are proud to present the second annual speak-out event: In My Mind.

In My Mind: A Mental Health Open Mic at the University of Richmond

On Thursday, March 21st in the Pier, CAPS and its many sponsors will be hosting In My Mind, an open mic featuring musical performances for those feeling inspired or compelled to share a relevant mental health experience, whether personal or indirect.

They will also be accepting anonymous written submissions through the CAPS interns email or the Google form that embody the feeling and emotion of one's own mental health experiences, which will be read by volunteers. Additionally, this year we have assisted the creation of an entire UR Mental Health Week, hosted by our same sponsors, where we will also encourage art submissions that represent mental health such as paintings, drawings, poems, words of inspiration, and more. Works will be displayed through the night of the event on Thursday, March 21 at the Pier, in the Tyler Haynes Commons, from 9-11pm.

We are thrilled to continue this rewarding experience for students and invite the entire student body to come continue bringing together a silent community through the power of expression. We can't wait to see you there!

In My Mind: A Mental Health Open Mic at the University of Richmond 2019 Flyer
In My Mind 2019 Flyer


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