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Form Resources


Bias Reporting

If you are experiencing or if you witnessed any bias activities including bias/hate crimes, discriminations and bias incidents (learn more about the detailed definitions of these incidents here), please fill out this form.


Student Support

If you encounter a life-changing moment but don't have the resources to meet these unexpected needs, like a family emergency, an unforeseen expense or a career opportunity, please fill out this form. (Other available supports can be found here)


Move Out Damage Claims

If you were residents of Lora Robins Court and Gray Court and your personal belongings were damaged or missing due to the University moving and packing your belongings, please fill out this form to report damages.


Student Complaints

If you have some feedback and concerns that you would like to share with the university and you have already tried to communicate the concerns informally (more details about the informal and formal process here), please fill out this form to file a formal complaint.


Technology Assistance

As we are experiencing remote learning during COVID-19 Period, if you need any technology assistance, please fill out this form for technology assistance.

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